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This section of hosts commonly used part numbers for Chevrolet Caprice PPV's and part numbers from other cars & parts sources in the Chevrolet and Holden realm that will fit PPV's (upgrades, mods, interchange, etc...). Check back often for updates!

I'm indexing these part numbers in "as-received order", the easiest way to search here is probably to use your browser's search capabilities. Part number, Item name/type, and description/notes/interchange will be listed. If you want to see your favorite parts listed here drop me an EMAIL with the information. I'll screen the items and add them to the on-line list after they're verified. Note that this list is NOT a substitution for the various on-line lookup services, but a quick reference for commonly purchased parts and mod parts. The listing is not restricted to GM parts only, if there's a common substitution for a GM part that's more cost efficient I'll be glad to post it as well. I've pulled 90%+ of these part numbers/info from our forum discussions, parts I've added to my car, member submissions, or other reliable sources.

As always, no warranty on this information either expressed or implied - we recommend you INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY PART USE & INTERCHANGE BEFORE PURCHASING. New Caprice and the system management have no liability for incorrectly purchased parts or interchange on parts not listed or authorized by General Motors.

92219233Left Windshield Wiper blade assemblyOEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
92219234Right Windshield Wiper blade assemblyOEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
92066873Engine air filter - stock air box ONLYOEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
92184248Cabin filter, AC Delco, also CF182OEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
PC6091Cabin Filter, Pronto2011-2017 Caprice
CF203Cabin Filter, ATP2011-2017 Caprice
49248Cabin Filter, WIX2011-2017 Caprice
GA17Cabin Filter, Carbon2011-2017 Caprice
92161781Fog Lamp, single unit.OEM Holden, not supplied with bulb. VE Series 2/WM Caprice.
92238667Electrical harnessHolden part
92255233Base, Chrome front fog light - leftHolden part
92255234Base, Chrome front fog light - rightHolden part
92231792Base, Black, front fog light - leftHolden part
92231793Base, Black, front fog light - rightHolden part
92266067Cover, front fog light - leftHolden part
92266068Cover, front fog light - rightHolden part
94708773Fog lamp, leftUSA GM part
94708774Fog lamp, rightUSA GM part
92223843G8 headlight switch - has fog light switch - note: RED backlightingUSA GM part, 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
9114472Nut, blue plastic (4 required)USA GM part
11589015Bolt (4 required)USA GM part
13144822Bolt (4 required)USA GM part
173681-2Trigger wire connector for G8 headlight switchUSA GM part, source from Mouser. 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
92204505Chrome trunk strip with Caprice nameHolden part
19119299AC compressor relay2014-2017 Caprice - NOTE: If cooking fans do not come on low speed with AC engaged replace this relay FIRST!
92207239Pontiac G8 roof rack Will fit 2011-2017 Caprice WITH MODS TO CAR
92164195Holden Statesman grilleHolden part - interchange to 2011-2017 Caprice
19165195Chevrolet bow-tie chrome exhaust tipsfor 2008 Malibu, will fit on Caprice OEM 2.25" exhaust
92068791Pontiac G8 engine cover for L76 V8will interchange for 2011-2017 L77 Caprice
92181519Glove compt. new lock cylinder & key setOEM Holden - for 2011-2013 Caprice
92203092Glove compt. new uncut/blank keyOEM Holden - for 2011-2013 Caprice
92225156Floor mats, Black carpeted. 2011-2017 CapriceOEM GM
92225157Floor Mats, Black carpeted. 2011-2013 Middle Eastern Caprice ONLYOEM GM
92245804Carpet set, Black. 2011 Caprice 9C3 ONLYOEM GM
92262301Carpet set, Black. 2011 Caprice 9C1 ONLYOEM GM
92249768Carpet set, Black. 2012-2013 Caprice ONLYOEM GM
92249770Rubber mat set, Black heavy-duty, 9C1. 2011-2013 Caprice ONLYOEM GM
92228474SS badge, white inset. For 2010 Camaro - same size as Caprice font for trunk lid.OEM GM
92180526Oil pan shieldOEM Holden, 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
11519388Bolts, oil pan shield. Four required.OEM Holden, use with pn #92180526
92087976Rear pan trim retainerFor use with trunk cargo net
92199661Cargo NetFor use in trunk, 2011-2017 Caprice
92251687Repeater, Fender LeftOEM Holden
92251688Repeater, Fender RightOEM Holden
92254225Mudflaps, FrontOEM Holden
92179322Mudflaps, RearOEM Holden
92200024Sway Bar, RearFor 2008-2009 G8 GXP, fits on Caprice
92231807Fascia, Front LowerOEM Holden, VE Series 2 & Commodore SS
15241529Microphone, Upper ConsoleFor Bluetooth & Cell Phone interface, Holden iQ. 2011-2013 ONLY
92159840Molding, Front Bumper, Fascia.OEM Holden. Part NLA, discontinued
92174822Visor, Rear External SunOEM Holden, for VE Series 2 and VF. Works on Caprice.
92245551Assembly, Tail Light. Right.2011-2017 Caprice
92245552Aseembly, Tail Light. Left.2011-2017 Caprice
92251564Option T53, Trunk Flasher kit LEO.2011-2017 Caprice. Part NLA, discontinued
95460708Handle, Trunk Pull-downMultiple model cars
11589012Screws (for trunk handle pull-down).Four required
92199718Grill Surround.Unpainted, prep required
SK02V3Whelen SideKick ION-V Super-LED repeater light for Caprice PPVDirect replacement for OEM side vents, 2011-2017
92189690Handle, Light Urban (for WM Caprice)Holden part
92189691Handle, Onyx (for Pontiac G8)USA GM part
92292665Handle, Titanium (for Chevrolet SS)USA GM part
11517072Bolts, 2 per handleUSA GM part
92172719Nuts, 2 per handleUSA GM part
92172717Spacer, handle. Front passenger handle only, 2 requiredUSA GM part
92243953Platinum covers, steering wheelHolden part, 2011-2013 steering wheel ONLY
92254898Insulator panel, lower dash, driverOEM GM G8 part, 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
92254899Insulator panel, lower dash, passengerOEM GM G8 part, 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
92171583Trunk Lid carpet G8. Will fit Caprice WITH MODS TO LID (drilled holes)OEM GM part
92138253Carpet retainers, small, Trunk Lid carpetOEM GM part
92183231Carpet retainers, large, Trunk Lid carpetOEM GM part
92231807Holden SSV lower front facia grilleHolden part - interchanges to 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY with minor mods on install.
92253929Factory center console cover2011-2013 Caprice 9C1 ONLY
92245800Plastic molded trunk linerOEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice. NOTE - Chevrolet SS & Weathertech trunk liners must be modified to fit!
92199661Cargo net, trunkOEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
92087976Mounting points, Cargo Net (4 required)OEM GM for 2011-2017 Caprice
92258946Bezel, Lumbar switch (for PPV seat)OEM GM for 2011-2013 Caprice ONLY
92254115Lock rod, LH rear doorOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV
92254117Lock rod, RH rear doorOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV
92264495Upper door window moulding, LH rear doorOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV
92264496Upper door window moulding, RH rear doorOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV
92256973Rear window control switch, LH & RH rear doorOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV
92184832Shift knob frontHolden Lion shift knob kit - for 2011-2013 9C1 and 9C3 PPV. Holden part.
13581559TPMS sensor kit original issue, also Schrader 20228 OEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV, also fits Chevrolet SS. Now NLA through GM parts.
13598774TPMS sensor kit, 1st revisionOEM GM for 2014-2017 PPV, also fits Chevrolet SS
258416273.6L emblem, Cadillac to 2013, for any LFX Caprice trunk lid 2012-2017OEM GM emblem
922591993.6L LFX alternator, 2012-2017 CapriceOEM GM part. NOTE - no aftermarket interchange.
922676772014-2017 SS Sedan rear deck speaker grille. Both left & right side have same PN.OEM GM
922176862008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT Enkei 18x8 alloy wheel, Silver, 48mm offset, 5x120mm bolt pattern.OEM GM, will fit any 2011-2017 PPV. NOTE - Takes G8 or Aus. bowtie center cap.
229980722016-2019 Camaro LT wheel, 18x8.5, 5x120mm bolt patternOEM GM, will fit any 2011-2017 PPV. NOTE - Fender clearance issues possible using this wheel - especially if car lowered.
42356198Audio switches, Steering Wheel for Chevrolet Trax/SonicOEM GM - retrofit part for 2014-2017 PPV. Has bigger flapper on SRC switch.
36322AC Idler pulley, NAPAPart sub for 2012-2017 PPV. Reuse the old PPV factory hardware when installing this part.
H11-55WLow beam headlamp bulbOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
H7-55WHigh beam headlampOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
12961Parking lights, License Plate lampOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
12356LLFront turn signal lampOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
7443LLRear turn signal lamp, Tail Lamp, Stop Lamp (lower)OEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
921Back up lightOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
194Font side marker lightOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
12961Map light, dome lightOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice
6411Trunk/Cargo areaOEM GM for 2011 & up Caprice

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