Got a 2014+ PPV? Boy do we have a treat for you!

Need custom module programming for your Caprice PPV? Chris White is here to answer your questions.
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Re: Got a 2014+ PPV? Boy do we have a treat for you!

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I haven't used a CD player in probably 5 or 10 years. All my music or audio books is digital on my phone. I don't care about the CD player and got the 17 radio because it was super cheap on eBay. So I don't miss it. I am not sure if my other car has a CD player or not. Never paid attention. LOL

The buttons function as they are labeled on my radio. Went out and checked last night. So the play/pause button works as should for example. Config takes me to the configuration etc... They didn't change function.

I do not use XM Radio so I did not wire in the antenna. It would be plug and play though.

The GPS antenna is directly above and behind the mirror glued to the windshield. It is so discrete you would never notice it. Zero problems with location. It has been 100% accurate so far.

I recommend the install. Really the only issue is GM doesn't update the maps anymore. So if they are doing a lot of new construction and development the maps will be out of date in 5 or 10 years. But so far the radio functions 100% like stock. I haven't found any bugs or quirks like you sometimes do with these custom installs.
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