Common links to find used Caprice PPV's - Dealers, Surplus Sites & Auctions

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Common links to find used Caprice PPV's - Dealers, Surplus Sites & Auctions

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Hi folks!

This sticky post consists of links to major used police car dealers that routinely have Caprices for sale to the public on their lots here in the US, as well as common sites that routinely run these cars used (government surplus, private sales. etc...). I recently added the "exotics" category just so you could see something different from overseas if you wanted, if you've got connections maybe you can import an auction car! Also another feature I recently added (7/23) is the capability to search all of Facebook Marketplace for cars. Facebook is widely used in lieu of forums these days, and a car for sale is a car for sale - may as well make it easier to find all of the available rides for purchase! Also I just added a Craigslist search feature (5/24) so the US & territories are now broken up into eight regions with the continental US (48 states) being in three of the eight - other regions cover AK, HI and most US territories.

I'm slowly adding in URL's for the state government entities that sell their own cars surplus as many of these sell Caprices on-line. I will no longer routinely make separate posts for cars listed on the sites detailed here, so it's up to you to check the links frequently if you are hunting for a car. I scan Craigslist occasionally for good-deal Caprices (generally under $9,000) and will cross-post the ad links as I find them to help the folks on a budget.

These links are posted as a public service as our forums are widely read by people wanting cars. Please note it's up to the individual dealer or auction site to keep their inventory current on their private web pages, we have no control over this.

As dealers/sites come & go this post will be updated as needed. If you are a dealer and want your dealership listed, please contact the system management. Thanks!

Updated 05/20/2024

AUCTION SITES - Blanket search for "Caprice" -

Public Surplus.Com - Blanket search for "Caprice" - ... it4=Search

GovPlanet - DOD national surplus property contractor sales site. Link takes you to the vehicles category, manually enter your search -

National GSA (Federal Govt.) vehicle auto auction sales site (via auction houses). Enter your desired vehicle to search or use the list -

National GSA (Federal Govt.) general sales site. Keyword search for "Caprice". ... tus=active

National GSA (Federal Govt.) Fleet Auto Auctions - vehicle sales site. Enter your search term to search. ... aauctions/

"The Property Room" surplus government property sales site - Blanket search for "Caprice" -

Municibid - Online govt. auction site, search for cars - ... otive-Cars

All Surplus - Division of Government Liquidity. National search for "Caprice".

Proxibid - National search for "Caprice". Proxibid covers multiple regional auction sites that frequently sell Caprices. ... e=&start=1

Purple Wave auction - multi-state auction site used by government. National search for "Caprice".

Auctions International - Substantial sales in the NE US for many government entities.

Wisconsin Surplus - Auction company holding contract for State of WI sales plus a bunch of WI county governments and municipalities.

USGovBid - Private auction house conducting State and Local government surplus sales. At least one state govt runs their sales through this company (DE).

IAA Auctions - This company holds at least two state contracts for vehicle disposal, both clear title running & salvage;

CoPart - Major salvage auction company selling Caprices that are rebuildable or for use as parts - NOT RUNNING CARS. ... icleFinder

CoPart - Chevrolet SS Sedans - listed here for parts acquisition for Caprice conversion use only - NOT RUNNING CARS. ... icleFinder


Autotrader - 2011-2017 Caprice search. ... istanceASC

Cars For Sale.Com - 2011-2017 Caprice search. ... adius=1000 - 2011-2017 Caprice search. ... lice_t5637

AutoTempest - multi-service search aggregator, pre-programmed Caprice search. ... saleby=any


The following links will let you do a quick Facebook Marketplace search in the annotated geographical areas of the US. Best results are achieved by; 1) Being sure to be logged in if you are a Facebook member, also 2) setting your search radius to 500 miles. It's not 100% guaranteed, so also be sure to do a search individually in the specific geographical area you are targeting.

Northwest USA - ... xYear=2017

Southwest USA - ... xYear=2017

Central Midwest USA - ... xYear=2017

Northern Midwest USA - ... xYear=2017

South Central & Texas - USA - ... xYear=2017

Northeastern USA - ... xYear=2017

Southern Mid-Central USA - ... xYear=2017

Southeastern USA - ... xYear=2017

Hawaii - ... ry=Caprice

American Samoa - ... xact=false

Guam - ... xact=false

Puerto Rico - ... ry=Caprice


Western US - ... allery~0~0

Central US - ... allery~0~0

Eastern US - ... allery~0~0

Hawaii - ... allery~0~0

Alaska - ... allery~0~0

Puerto Rico - ... allery~0~0

Virgin Islands - ... allery~0~0

Guam/Micronesia - ... allery~0~0


Chicago Motors -

Asia Motors -

Cheyka Motors -

Cop Cars Online -

Interceptor King -


NOTE - States not listed here run their vehicle sales through one of the above national auction sites or via other means such as local or regional auto auctions.

State of Hawaii -

State of Illinois -

State of Indiana - ... t-auction/

State of Michigan -

State of Minnesota -

State of Nebraska - ... hicle.html

State of New Jersey -

State of New York -

State of North Carolina - ... :AI_STORE:

State of Pennsylvania - ... fault.aspx

State of South Dakota - ... tions.aspx

State of Utah -


AllBids Australia - Government & Corporate surplus Nationwide down under. Use search term "Holden" in the search bar -

AutoTrader Australia - Pre-defined search for Caprice -

Emirates Auction - UAE & Middle Eastern vehicle auction, Middle Eastern Caprices come up frequently on this site. Caprices will be under the Chevrolet sub-category - ... ction.aspx


Good luck!
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