Still new to me 2012 Some observations, some questions

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Still new to me 2012 Some observations, some questions

Post by coppcarz » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:04 pm

So while recently driving at night for a 120 mile trip, I figured I'd get a chance to get to know the car and I got to make some new observations.

1) The interior of these onyx-interior cars are very dark at night, plus the car has heavy tint left over from the previous agency....

2) I couldn't find the dash light dimmer switch on the dash, it was hard reaching for the headlight switch because it is not lit up. I finally realized that the dimmer are the two small push buttons above the headlight switch. Is it a non light up switch or is the bulb possibly burnt out?

3) While trying to light the interior I couldn't find the switch for the dome light, which ended up being right above my head (overhead counsel). Typical of GM, just like my other GM cars, GM engineers felt that lighting up dome light switches on their cars was not necessary. I had to keep pressing around the dome light to find out how to turn it on. They figured if one needs the light, it is better to pull over rather than hunt down or locate the dome light switch while travelling at 50-60 MPH at night.

4) The switches on the steering wheel don't light up either? Or once again, burnt out bulbs?

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Re: Still new to me 2012 Some observations, some questions

Post by smwalker » Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:14 am

Think your LED back light dimming fuse might be blown.
Headlight switch should light up - They are 5 LED's Chances of all being bad very low
Steering wheel controls Should light up - LED's also Chances of all being bad very low
Dome light switch above will NOT light up. We got a wire in our headliner harness for it but GM did not continue it up to the headliner.

Diagram: ... 662616.pdf


Power Dist. Diagram: ... 662760.pdf

Actually Fuse F50UA
Underhood fuse box Fuse # 38 Labled: IGN ISRVM/SEO

IF that fuse is good then they may have cut the yellow wire somewhere, your headlight switch might be bad, or your sun load sensor might be bad telling the BCM it's daylight all the time.
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