WTB: Looking for broken headlights. Need reflectors

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WTB: Looking for broken headlights. Need reflectors

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New guy here…

Working on my ‘11 Caprice which has long had poor low beam lighting output(It was also an issue that was complained of while in-service however, the municipal mechanics just kept putting new lightbulbs with higher lumen output in the car with no success.. I bought a set of ‘17 used headlight assemblies and solved the problem. I decided to look into the original lamps and found the reflectors for the halogen lie beams have horrible reflective quality—the chrome inside is very poor and I’m guessing it’s from years of non-stop heat from the light bulbs. Seeing as I do not need headlamp assemblies— I’m hoping someone here on the forum has broken headlamps from a crashed car with intact reflectors. Please messsge me if you can help out. Thank you-
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