Some G8/PPV Parts

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Some G8/PPV Parts

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Hate to pop out of lurking only to try and sell parts, but here we are...

Have a set of monroe PPV struts, was going to use on my GXP but sold that unexpectedly and they are now just sitting unopened in my basement. 250

Also a set of strut top hats (the metal things the strut mounts sit on), new OEM; 50 for the pair

GXP midpipe (little more free flowing); would need some extending to work with the PPV at the very least, no idea what else; 100 pickup only in NJ

PPV wheels and <20 mile General Altimax winter tires. These were driven a single time with my GXP before being pulled off to sell the car (was going to use for a subsequent PPV but those plans died on the launch pad). Tires have a MFG date of ~2621 so midway through 2021; 600 for the setup near zip 07044

Thanks all.

2012 Caprice
2008 CVPI

Both gone but not forgotten...
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