Junkyard G8 Seats

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Junkyard G8 Seats

Post by impalaplt » Wed Jul 14, 2021 8:17 pm

So, I've found a set of G8 Leather seats, that have the RED Center Panels, but......And I think the rear seat is available too.

Both sides have the airbag's blown....

Now, as I understand it, all I need is the G8 Seat BASE, and I put the G8 Upper Seat Cover OVER the Caprice Seat Frame and Caprice Air Bag....

But, since the G8 Seat Cover has blown out for the airbag, can I get that repaired and will it work?

Or, is it just not worth it, and keep looking?

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Re: Junkyard G8 Seats

Post by GammaFlat » Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:38 pm

If you have an 11-13, the G8 seats will bolt right in. The wiring is very different.. the plugs don't match but you can cut and solder or re-pin the plugs.

I have black leather G8 seats (not red and no heat). The controls are different as well. The G8 seats have manual backrest tilt and manual lumbar inflator. Both of those are electric on the Caprice seats. The G8 seats also have electric forward/aft. The Caprice has the grab bar in front to release the forward/aft slide (manual).

I'm hoping the air bag resistance is the same between the two seats (again, plugs different, now throwing code and light on dash). I installed the passenger seat (un-wired). I hot-wired it to get the positioning where I wanted.

In terms of wiring.. I haven't researched it but so far I believe there is a main power (thickest wire red or orange), "ass on seat" indicator, air bags (separate plugs), "seat belt clipped" indicator. I did switch the outboard "seat belt anchor" from the Caprice to the G8 seat (they were different). I haven't decided yet if I'm going to leave the G8 seats un-molested and install "as-is" or perform the surgery you're talking about. If the surgery is performed, the wiring becomes a non-issue.

I really like how the G8 seats feel. If I could have everything I wanted, I would like "seat cooling" but I don't think any of the G8's had that... some had heat. There are aftermarket kits that will do heat/cool but I'm not sure I'm up for that level of surgery (and cost) on the seat. There's a youtube video of a guy doing just that - it is made by the company selling the kit.

Don't know if I answered your question... The back seats are worth grabbing. Minimally, you could sell your original back seat to someone who bought a car with a perp seat.

Here's a good thread about performing surgery to switch to G8 seats: https://www.newcaprice.com/forum/viewto ... f=20&t=921
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Re: Junkyard G8 Seats

Post by elc32955 » Fri Jul 16, 2021 11:07 pm

I'm curious, how much do they want for the rear seat set?

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Re: Junkyard G8 Seats

Post by Lentzjj » Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:45 pm

You use the upper seat frame from the caprice and the lower frame from the caprice. Use the wire harness from the caprice seat. All the motors have the same plugs. I used the foam and covers from the g8. A reputable upholstry shop should beable to repair the covers for you. Plus not have the holes for the manual lumbar and tilt on the driverside.
Its a really easy swap and worth it. The most difficult think is getting the tubes to release that the headrest goes into. Once you figure it out its easy though.

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