G8 seats & console install questions

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Re: G8 seats & console install questions

Post by smwalker » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:41 am

Came Across this thread looking for pics of the G8 connectors.

In response to indianajoes post years ago! :
> the black connector is out of order, and is missing the two black wires.
The black connector is actually not out of order just drawn out of order. After the wire colors look at the numbers 1-8 those are the cavity positions. On the top connector they are drawn in order but the lower connector is drawn out of order but numbered correctly. Confusing for sure.

The lower black ground wire is not needed because it shares the ground with the other side of the switch. Maybe GM planned to add the second wire but that's just the sort of thing they like to eliminate to save money.

On the connectors for the G8 heated switch - Most of you usually chop them out of the G8 console you buy and reuse them so we have never had to find them on their own. Someone contacted me tonight that needed them. The G8 guys had been looking for them for years for when they upgrade to heated seats but no one has ever been able to come up with a part number. I think I found them and once this persons gets them and tries them I will update the thread if they are the right ones or not. They look good for it though.

Project List from Mouser - - Looks like you would only need about 13 terminals but I put 20 in there just in case you need a few for practice.

I was able to find the connectors through the terminals model - MQS series - they both use the same terminal contacts. Easy to see why no one has been able to find a matching connector the drawings of them look very different in the service manual!

Drawing of connector
Both part numbers are on the drawing (see the table of part numbers) - There is 2 types (A and B) with a different key so they do not get plugged into the wrong spots.

Part Numbers:
White Connector: 1743282-1
Black Connector: 1-1743282-2
Terminals: 928999-5
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Re: G8 seats & console install questions

Post by xcidmigs » Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:31 pm

Man, I had asked about using the G8 heated seat switches like 4 years ago when i added heaters to the front, never could get anywhere with that, I had the pigtails and everything just no way to make the wiring work

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