SS Sedan Springs under the 2011 Caprice PPV

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Re: SS Sedan Springs under the 2011 Caprice PPV

Post by Sanford » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:00 am

You should be able to read the part number of the rear strut with a small mirror and a flashlight while the car is on the ground. The number should be below the lower spring support, facing outward.

Since my post on page 5, I have acquired a 12 and 13. After driving one or the other to work for a couple of weeks, when I get into a 11, I want to turn around and park it.

One of these days, I will get around to putting some low mileage surplus 13 front struts on the wife’s car.


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Re: SS Sedan Springs under the 2011 Caprice PPV

Post by Boingo » Sat Nov 19, 2022 11:27 pm

Just making sure I read all this right.
If I get my grubby hands on some SS springs these are the struts recommended ? Do the SS springs fit on the stock struts or do I need these to make them work? Are these a direct bolt on ?
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Re: SS Sedan Springs under the 2011 Caprice PPV

Post by Navy Lifer » Sun Nov 20, 2022 4:17 pm

The SS springs - regardless of model year sourced, 14-17, will fit PPV OEM shocks/struts.

For all the work involved, better to renew the shocks/struts while it's apart - the 2011 PPV was still a work in progress, and OEM introduced better shock/damper valving calibration mid-production cycle. At 11 years old, the better approach includes using these Monroe parts or the OEM service replacements, if still available, along with the SS springs, which make a good bit of difference on their own, but it's the combination of the springs & less-harsh valving that really makes the car much more pleasurable to drive.

Without a further discussion of wheel/tire choice (18 vs 19 vs 20) and sidewall stiffness, the other thing needed is to re-set tire pressure to 35-36 PSI at all 4 corners, as stated in the 2011 Owners Manual. This provides a greatly-improved ride, at least with 18" wheels. TPMS won't like it, and you might get nuisance alarms when cold weather drops the start-up inflation, but the system CAN be reset to continue to function at a lower threshold point - just have to find the right tech able & willing to do is NOT illegal or dangerous to change TPMS alarm setting. I don't recall the exact setting we used, but it's 28-30 PSI, still plenty of safety margin & warning before a tire is in danger or car performance is compromised.

The Monroe Australia parts listed are equivalent to the OEM service parts - both are made in Australia, same source, just different PN's. Not able to say if valving specs are the same, but they aren't drastically different. These parts are for 11-13 only, as 14-17 used an updated front suspension knuckle (aluminum) with a wider clevis opening - the bracket where the knuckle & strut are bolted together.

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