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ABS Help

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I've searched every related post I can find and am coming up short so if you know of something I missed please send me a link. 99% of the time I get Stabilitrak, Traction Control, and ABS faults. It's been like that since I bought the car. On rare occasion it will all go away for 1-5 seconds, often while turning but sometimes while parked, them all the faults returned. I took the car in for a DOD delete, headers, and to fix whatever they can. Both rear wheel bearings were replaced as well as new brake pads in front and parking brake assembly on passenger rear. No faults were present for the shop or tuner but it all came back when I test drove it while picking it up. Driver rear wheel speed sensor was not reading on the shop scanner. They swapped sensors left and right, no change. Swapped harness from left to right, now passenger wasn't reading so the issue followed the harness. They checked the entire wiring from the sensors all the way to the controller and found no issues. When I scan it I'm getting C0045, C0050, U2100, and P0106. On occasion I'm also now getting a Tighten Gas Cap message. The shop thinks the ABS controller may need a rebuild but I've just got a nagging feeling it's a wiring or ground issue somewhere. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm capable of doing everything the shop did but just didn't have the time. Now the spare funds have dried up so I've got to figure this out and hopefully fix it without spending any more money.
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Re: ABS Help

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IIRC, there's a ground on the back of one of the heads that frequently get missed, especially when installing headers. It very well could be a ground, like you're saying. When replacing the wheel bearings, depending on how 'nicely' they treated the wiring, they could have strained the wiring to the wheel speed sensors, causing an intermittant break that only shows up when things are moved/heat-cycled. You may have to replace the harness.

That all said, I had a rear wheel sensor give up the ghost when a tiny chunk of rust rolled onto it. Even after cleaning the sensor off, and blowing out the socket for the sensor, the CEL still burned brightly. It only went off after I got a NEW sensor and installed it. The sensors seem to be kind of fragile. :?
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