Alignment by Dealer Only??

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Re: Alignment by Dealer Only??

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Heh, usually Firestone guys tell you they can't do an alignment until they replace all the balljoints and tie rod ends!! You got off lucky, IMHO! :D
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Re: Alignment by Dealer Only??

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Firestone really got shady with me, then I stopped going. $1300 brake estimate when I just went in for pads. This has me looking for a new shop too.
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Re: Alignment by Dealer Only??

Post by Z09SS »

Tires Plus (affiliated with Firestone) wanted $450 to "tighten" my tie rod ends that were "finger tight" before they attempted an alignment after I did struts and the driver's side control arms. This would be especially galling since this shop was where I had the alignment done last year right after I'd replaced those tie rods. They were the last ones to touch them!

I took it home and couldn't find a single thing loose.

Tire Kingdom was able to do an alignment no problems. They even complimented my big Brembo brakes.
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Re: Alignment by Dealer Only??

Post by elc32955 »

These shops sound like the kinda places that would also check your Turboencabulator for repleneration for an extra $89 while you wait as they had an unexpected opening on the machine! :lol:
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