Diff help!

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Diff help!

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So I am looking at doing an ls3 “chop monster” cam when I go to do DoD delete with lifters and whole 9 yards. They recommend a 3.42 ratio minimum for that cam setup. I’m having trouble deciphering if 3.42 gears come in any automatic cars or can even go in any? If so where would be the best place to source a diff?
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Re: Diff help!

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Well, you're in luck. The 3.45 LSD works very well on our cars. Found in the manual Camaro SS, 2010-2015. There are plenty of threads on here about the diff with pros & cons, swaps, et al. Supply on these is not what it used to be as the cars & components age a bit, but they are still available. Car-part.com is one go-to source to find these.

After reviewing the old threads if you have any specific questions ask away!

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