Pending code issue - looking for help....

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Re: Pending code issue - looking for help....

Post by smwalker »

I don't think you are using the correct terminology. It sounds like you are describing your evap monitor not being ready. Not a code.

If all you have is evap not ready go for your test. You failed because 2 monitos were not complete. Now if only one is incomplete you will pass.
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Re: Pending code issue - looking for help....

Post by Mooseman »

This is a driving procedure I have found that seems to help to get the I/M Readiness:
General Motors Driving Cycle​

A complete driving cycle should perform diagnostics on all systems. A complete driving cycle can be done in under fifteen minutes.

To perform an OBDII Driving cycle do the following:

1. Cold Start. In order to be classified as a cold start the engine coolant temperature must be below 50°C (122°F) and within 6°C (11°F) of the ambient air temperature at startup. Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run.

2. Idle. The engine must be run for two and a half minutes with the air conditioner on and rear defroster on. The more electrical load you can apply the better. This will test the O2 heater, Passive Air, Purge "No Flow", Misfire and if closed loop is achieved, Fuel Trim.

3. Accelerate. Turn off the air conditioner and all the other loads and apply half throttle until 88km/hr (55mph) is reached. During this time the Misfire, Fuel Trim, and Purge Flow diagnostics will be performed.

4. Hold Steady Speed. Hold a steady speed of 88km/hr (55mph) for 3 minutes. During this time the O2 response, air Intrusive, EGR, Purge, Misfire, and Fuel Trim diagnostics will be performed.

5. Decelerate. Let off the accelerator pedal. Do not shift, touch the brake or clutch. It is important to let the vehicle coast along gradually slowing down to 32km/hr (20 mph). During this time the EGR, Purge and Fuel Trim diagnostics will be performed.

6. Accelerate. Accelerate at 3/4 throttle until 88-96 km/hr (55-60mph). This will perform the same diagnostics as in step 3.

7. Hold Steady Speed. Hold a steady speed of 88km/hr (55mph) for five minutes. During this time, in addition to the diagnostics performed in step 4, the catalyst monitor diagnostics will be performed. If the catalyst is marginal or the battery has been disconnected, it may take 5 complete driving cycles to determine the state of the catalyst.

8. Decelerate. This will perform the same diagnostics as in step 5. Again, don't press the clutch or brakes or shift gears.
Sometimes it just takes a lot of driving to get the I/M readiness to complete. Usually the Evap is the longest and hardest to complete, especially in winter. That's why they allow one to not be ready to pass as long as there is no pending or set code. I once had a vehicle that passed the Evap before the O2 sensor readiness and was able to pass the E-test like that with the one not ready since there was no code.
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Re: Pending code issue - looking for help....

Post by JoeR »

If you use a scanner to run the EVAP Service Bay Test, the EVAP Monitor will mature quickly. It is 10 minutes of high idle, 10 miles of driving, and about 20 minutes of Key Off. If there's no leak, the Monitor matures.

You can easily see Monitor Status on any scanner. Even the Cheap ELM327 scanners you use with your phone can read them. Scan the vehicle as OBD2 Generic, instead of by model year, and read the monitor status. On a 2014 in NY you can only have one monitor reading Not Ready, as already said by smwalker,
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Re: Pending code issue - looking for help....

Post by dorqus »

So I brought the car into another shop this morning. They said it's "inspection ready" but said I would not pass because my rear passenger windows are tinted. And that the DMV has been sending shops letters and it's been the law since 2017.... So this weekend either I spend a few hours with a heat gun and a razorblade to remove the tint (which I would rather keep) or I find another shop. One good thing is that he didn't charge me for hooking up his scan tool to check the codes on the car.
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