Recent updates on the New Caprice website!

Recent updates on the New Caprice website

This page details the most recent changes/additions/enhancements made to the overall New Caprice website.

  • 1/10/18 - Added several files to the files section today.

  • 12/28/18 - We've made a number of upgrades to the forum system over the last month. We're working on implementing a "Knowlege Base" subsection, this will be a gigantic FAQ of the commonly asked questions most people have about the Caprice PPV, and how to perform some of the commonly done mods. Also, our webhost has just implemented a 96TB Synology NAS for immediate hot site restoration should something happen at the data center. In addition to the already existing two mirrored, redundant servers.

  • 12/7/18 - We have upgraded our basic forum system to PHPbb v. 3.2.4. This has had the effect of clearing up a lot of the little errors & problems we were having since we were running version 3.011. Feels good to be current!

  • 5/1/17 - Added the 2017 Caprice specification guide to the file section. Also just FYI, our web hosting company has added a mirrored, redundant server at their data center. Just another way we're keeping the site data protected and on-line!

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