Dash bezel and driver quarter trim

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Re: Dash bezel and driver quarter trim

Post by kevink » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:45 pm

I searched everything 3M had and didn't feel great about any of the products and was really happy when my dealer agreed to replace both windows under warranty, even though I still had the trim pieces (they were loose). Whatever product you choose, I recommend removing the window and setting it down horizontally when you glue the trim back on. That will enable you to apply weight to it while the glue cures. They're pretty easy to get out. You just have to remove the rear seat, package tray, seat belt retractors, inside quarter trim panels, trim panels around the windows, and the trim panels near the door opening. There is one hidden screw at the top of the quarter trim panel under the airbag. Do not miss that screw! Not seeing it really slowed me down.

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Re: Dash bezel and driver quarter trim

Post by M22muncie » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:36 am

Ive used black 3m weatherstrip adhesive to put tailgate letters on a molding and they have been rock solid there for over 5 years. I dont see it ever coming loose.

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