Connector for Special Equipment Options

This section is for discussion of OEM police package options and police equipment for the Caprice (both OEM and after-market), as well as after-market upfitting perfomed on our cars.
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Re: Connector for Special Equipment Options

Post by smwalker » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:25 pm

paul54 wrote:Steve, on my '14, there is no other connector easily visible. The connectors (like what the OP showed) match mine, and then the cables just disappear under the carpet and reappear elsewhere (ie, there is one that is pretty much all power, and it ends up on the right side of the trunk and then four conductors that just end up in the engine bay). I don't think there is another set of connectors, but I will look again!
Good info Paul thank you. I am going off a 14 also. What I have on mine is basically 2 harnesses that converge under the center console area. It may even be under the parking brake assembly, in that case that's a pain to remove so may as well add to the connector that is easily accessible. But you are correct the power harness comes from the back inside factory harnesses under the rear seat on top of center tunnel into the center console area. Then the underhood wires and feature control wires come in from under the dash into the center console area also part of other factory harnesses. The two harnesses meet in that area and I would assume that is where you will have the male connectors because as we have seen the extension harnesses usually have a female ends on both ends. I do not know this for sure because on my 14 they chopped off all connectors at the center console. So all I know if that they meet up there and that is the most likely place for a connector and addition of an extension harness.

And you are correct chopping off the connectors at the end of the extension harness is usually the first step for upfitters in favor of more universal connection parts. I think OP just happened to have a virgin on his hands so no chopping done yet!
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Re: Connector for Special Equipment Options

Post by Blitzenfox » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:09 am

smwalker thank you for resizing my photos! (above my pay-grade Lol)

Thank you all for the information. I will look under the console to see if the other end of the connector is there and possibly don't need the other connector. I've been out of town and haven't had time to check with Kerr

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