Replace v6 cooling system thermostat

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Replace v6 cooling system thermostat

Post by iefbr14 » Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:52 am

Has anyone opened up the thermostat housing assembly (92249137, $100) and replaced just the thermostat?

Seems like such a waste of aluminum and money to replace the entire assembly just to install a new thermostat.

The problem is: I watch my dash Coolant Temp display vary from 60F (startup from overnight), stay at 176F on the highway doing 70mph on a 80F ambient day. At a stop light, I see the temp climb to 194F. (The light turns green and ram air cools the engine down).

To me, the therm is not regulating coolant temp properly, ie, not closing (176F) and not opening (194F) when it is supposed to be.

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Re: Replace v6 cooling system thermostat

Post by Sanford » Sun Apr 24, 2022 12:41 pm

Took a look at Rockauto and it looks like the OEM temp on the thermostat is 180 F. The 176 F that you see while running down the road is so close to the thermostat rating it is not worth worrying about. You will see a temp increase when you come to a stop as the cooling fans probably do not turn on until 220 F.
In 40 plus years of tinkering on cars, I have seen more thermostats stick open a little, which causes the engine to warm up slowly or not warm up at all.

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Re: Replace v6 cooling system thermostat

Post by elc32955 » Thu May 05, 2022 5:08 pm

I'm in Central Florida and I can't recall ever seeing my car (2015 V6) break 200 degrees. Usually it will hover around 181 degrees or so at idle, perhaps 183. 183-187 with normal Interstate driving. I'd agree we have 180 thermostats based on my car's behavior. I've seen it go to the mid-190's at traffic lights a few times in heavy summer heat but never over 200. And both my fans run fine...

Sounds like normal behavior to me. Also make sure your fans are doing what they're supposed to be, Chevy electric fans are notorious for dying without much warning.

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