2012 9c3 White 6.0L 106k & 9c1 Black 6.0 73k [Appomattox,VA]

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2012 9c3 White 6.0L 106k & 9c1 Black 6.0 73k [Appomattox,VA]

Post by Headhunter1776 » Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:41 pm

I am considering Selling this car for parts or as A track/Strip car due to the title. (For some reason I can't post pics in this it only shows [img] no prompt to go into my files.)

It is immaculate inside save a few trim pieces but has a Iowa Salvage title with my name on the back from the guy smacking a roadkilled elk causing the airbags to deploy and then he hit a high curb slightly bending the steel substructure's impact bar in front of the Radiator (I got it pulled back out at frame shop in Appomattox)

I have repaired it to the point of potentially passing inspection, so it can get a rebuilt title but I doubt anyone will pay what I've got into it in repair parts, shipping, cost of the car.

I would ask 12,000 obro for it As-Is. It needs to the hood finished ( moderate dent repair) and the right fender finished ( superficial dent repair) and the windshield replaced (rock chip caused crack across drivers view) and the title work done.

It has fresh tires, very good leather interior, it drives great, it's quick and straight, its D.o.D Deleted and Tuned, it revs slightly quicker than the standard L77, no Noises or odors, radio works and has multi CD system, a straight nice Setra Pushbar, send me a PM and I can send you Pics.


I Also have a Cobb County Undercover Black 2012 6.0 9c1 with 73k That has a clean VA title , its insured and runs like a scalded dog!
I am thinking 15k obo.

Brand new Police Runflat Tires, It's Rattlecan Black and needs the horn wire reconnected and a turnsignal bulb which I will do when I get home off the road. It has one dent in the right rear quarter at the door & tire, I will try to get it pulled with a stud weld puller and straightened out. Otherwise it's a great car! It's super fun.

I have 3 FD3S RX7's that I am trying to get restored so they are my focus right now. If I get some serious Best Offers I will consider the offers. Let me know! Send me a PM and I will give you my number and I can send you some pics.

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