testing waters - '12 V8 for possible sale or trade

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testing waters - '12 V8 for possible sale or trade

Post by #802PalmBeach » Fri Oct 15, 2021 3:37 pm

this is a little different

hear me out before unnecessary comments or questions. don't kick a person when they are down

I am a 20 year master tech have owned 3 dozen personal use cars 90% chevy

life has been bad. really really, really bad

I managed to get a hold of the cheapest crappiest running V8 with a clean title and determined to restore it to glory. I am 50% done. like stated ran decent before project started and engine has been gone over and daily / race ready. delete, small performance cam, the works

got two passes in the 1/8 won both (high 8, issues) life turned even shittier, I mean real bad. I may not make it to '22 let's put it that way

before you even think anything bad just hear me out. the seller ripped me off terribly, my fault I guess god thinks I deserve that too.
price was 7600 cash, and the 1st week I put $4k in it labor and parts. It is not perfect not complete, runs good looks like shit needs everything

I love the car to death I love it I have nicknames for it the works. I know it is worth less than 10, probably a lot less. despite and I don't care that I have $14.5 in it we all go through this it's the tragedy of evil world. not my first rodeo I am an idiot and deserve the worst and I'm getting it

I don't drive any more, fired, sick, depressed, bedridden. Wife drives 200 miles a day to college, can't afford gas. I am looking for an even trade chevy cruze turbo in good condition. those are worth $5k. I will not take $5k but I will take 9. because when I get a cruze for $5k I have to put $4k in it to make it safe and reliable

don't ask for pics yet, don't make hurtful comments or stupid offers

the car runs, engine great, I like everything on it very much and title is clean and clear in my name and in my possession. Located in Florida

I am just asking for any realistic options or advice. Please don't kick me again, don't worry I will never get up. Let me crawl to a peaceful corner so I can die. This is for my lady's school

'12 Caprice PPV 6.0 L77
30 to 70 MPH in 4.3 seconds so far

'02 Silverado 5.3 L59
8.2 @ 86 (1/8 mile)

YouTube channel

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