2012 PPV w/30K best offer over $8500k

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2012 PPV w/30K best offer over $8500k

Post by CHEVEN » Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:58 pm

Dreaming of a new style Caprice I bought a TEXAS 30K mile car salvaged with blown engine...since I was building it for myself I looked long and hard and located an entire car with only 11K miles as a donor (have copy of title) After some life issues (shoulder surgery) got in the way the car is finally done but I have decided to let her go. Car has been inspected by the state of Ohio and they even stamped the donor copy since they did a vin search on it. Its now been issued a rebuilt title and legal for highway use. Sure you can buy some auction car for $6000+K w/100K-150K then start by Chasing down all the cut up police wiring, replacing the cam, the seats, living with busted up drilled up int. or get in and go. Don't say the salvage hurts it, no one buys cop cars as a "long term investment" . This would be a cash sale, no trades. I have the push-bar too if you want it it's included.
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Re: 2012 PPV w/30K best offer over $8500k

Post by Hibs » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:39 am

So 30k on car, 11k on motor? Was only salvaged due to motor being burnt up? Never in an accident? I assume you're in Ohio somewhere?

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