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2012 Caprice w/L77, 90K miles, $4000 - North Haledon NJ

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:35 pm
by elc32955
OK folks, this car could be a steal if you want to put a few $ into it. The item states the rear diff on this one needs to be rebuilt, carrier in trunk. It's also had the rear bumper cover removed, rear seat is removed, and the left side AC cover closest to the driver's door is missing from the pics, as well as the wiper blades - small parts pickers at work here. HOWEVER, there's tons of 2.92 rear pumpkins running around from folks that have converted to 3.27's and 3.45's. Lot of parts cars recently still have intact bumper covers.

But, this car runs & drives (with a diff installed). With a little effort this might be a good bargain car. I've got a good condition matching back seat you can have if you pick it up here in Fla, or box-n-ship it at your expense.

Here's the linky; ... 30838.html