Holden Showdown at Cecil County Dragway (MD) Nov. 4th

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Holden Showdown at Cecil County Dragway (MD) Nov. 4th

Post by BAZTEK » Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:41 pm

For more information and/or to lock in a spot, click on the link. Holden Showdown at Cecil

Sunday, November 4th, 10 AM – 4 PM

Cecil County Dragway
1916 Theodore Rd, Rising Sun, Maryland 21078

Tri-State Holdens, Capital City Commodores, East Coast Holdens, Carolina Commodores and GTO Owners are getting together with the Chevy SS Owners group to do some good old fashion grudge racing @ Cecil County Dragway. This is a private track rental on so it will be nothing but Holdens!!!

All Holden-based cars are welcome!!!

GTO ‘04-‘06
If you have a Ute you better bring it!

Current pricing is $150/car with a minimum car count of 20 cars. This includes both lanes prepped to the 330’ mark at a minimum. More cars = more prep! Spectators and crew are $10 each. Car show participants are $10/car. Food will be available for purchase.

Joe LaBruzza of SS/G8-Only fame will be there to support your aftermarket addiction! Bring a fat wallet and an understanding significant other...better yet don't tell them you are buy anything from him...just do it!

Gates open at 8am and racing starts at 10am to be concluded promptly at 4pm.

I will be posting a list of paid participants for the event and updating it with person/car/location so we can potentially set up some sort of bracket for bragging rights! I will also be setting up a group or site for my own sanity and coordination sake. My PayPal is w31lsx@gmail.com. Please make sure you include you name, location, show or go, and vehicle type so I can track you. Also please Friends and Family me...it isn't cool to send me PayPal and then make me eat 3% eat transaction...….you know who you are...lol.

This will update with info as I have it (where racers park v. car show, etc...) Also working on hotel rooms locally for long haulers from NC!

I am not making any money off this so please make this a painless ordeal...I will hold the money in my paypal and pay the track ahead of us getting there, supplying them with a list of racers and car show folks. The week prior to the event I plan on locking the racers list so we can maintain some level of control for the track. If you are unsure if you can make it...I will try to leave room for last minute add-ins. If you bail on my within two weeks of the event without a valid reason...and I am pretty damn flexible...I will shoot you in the face with a bazooka (j/k, but I will be a little annoyed).

I am extremely easy to work with, I am already seeing that car counts could reach close to 50 cars. Let's pick up where the crew left off last year and make this a killer event for years to come!

Stay tuned!

Dave Turowski
Mike Baz
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Re: Holden Showdown at Cecil County Dragway (MD) Nov. 4th

Post by CrashTestDummy » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:24 am

How’d it go?
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Re: Holden Showdown at Cecil County Dragway (MD) Nov. 4th

Post by kevink » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:11 pm

The weather was sunny and in the 50s with a DA of around -600, so you couldn't have asked for much better, especially considering the bad weather leading up to the event. From greatest to least number of cars, it went SS, G8, GTO, PPV. There were only 3 PPVs there, all mostly stock. Only one was running, but it seemed completely stock. One thing I learned from the event is that I really do not like how most SSs sound, lol. Almost all of them were super high pitched, ear piercing, and unpleasant going down the strip. That really surprised me even though most modern muscle cars don't sound great to me, at least those with factory exhaust.

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