Wiring Harness Binding Ties - Buying Guide

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Wiring Harness Binding Ties - Buying Guide

Post by smwalker » Tue May 29, 2018 12:05 am

Thought I would share the search I had to go through to find replacement wiring harness hold downs. I am transferring wiring harnesses from a 15SS to a 14PPV and along the way some of the harness ties got messed up. The ones you can reach the back of you can pinch and they come out nicely. But the blind ones I have not been able to find a good process/tool to getting them out unscathed. Since some of them have to be moved anyway to match up the the correct mounting hole I figured I had to get some new ones.

A common name they are called is harness binding ties or harness fixing ties. I think the word fixing distinguishes the ties from the standard cable zip ties that do not have a way to attach the tied harness to a mounting surface. To that end there are round hole fixing ties and what we have in our cars "Oval" hole mount.

To break down the styles further there are combo ties that wrap around the harness and have an integral mount. In other places there is a mount that has no tie rather just an arm that can be taped to the harness. I have not been able to find a source for those yet.

The three most common harness fixing ties on our cars are pictured below with the standard type being the most abundant:


The main company that seems to produce these is a company called Hellermann Tyton They are an international conglomerate of a company and looking through their huge catalog I found some items that looked close to factory but not really exact matches. Of course the min order quantities are out of this world for hobbyists.

But their catalog did help me get the terms down and help me find some overseas suppliers on Ebay. I found one seller in Hong Kong selling what looked to be the exact replacement I needed. Order them up and about a week later they came. Perfect matches to the factory ties except for the factory standard style ties were white where these were black. But i liked the black better anyway.

The auction had a UPC in it so I searched on that and came up with a company called Dragonmarts Co. Ltd. / Uxcell. They seem to be a reseller of a bunch of different Hong Kong manufacturers of automotive aftermarket items. But the term "Uxcell oval push mount tie" will bring up the most results. But the seller Productcollect seemed to have the best prices. Although just checked and they already went up from when I ordered.

Good to have around if you will be moving harnesses for any reason.
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