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Re: Looking to buy wheels for my 2014 Caprice

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:46 am
by Turbopowered68
Capeasy wrote:
Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:52 am
Are Those Camaro Wheels?
Well I went On-line to see what wheels are on sale for Cyber Monday and actually spoke to a few companies specializing in out of the ordinary offsets, One company was "Custom Offsets" in WI. the other here in Long Beach. One says our bolt pattern is 5X4-3/4" in his fitment book the other online company says 5X120mm WTH? So I purchased a couple wheel stud pattern Template gauges, the plastic ones with the multiple holes in them. And I tried some American racing spoke wheels off my 67 Nova which is a 5 X 4-3/4" using the 1/2-20 studs and those wheels fit perfect ! And when I use the Template gauge the 5 X 4-3/4" lines up perfect. When I hold up the template with the 5 X 120mm our PPV pattern is a bit bigger (Approx. .030) which is the difference between these two patterns that GM is using now. Can anyone out there finally put this to rest and either confirm with me or show me in a GM publication otherwise. Yes I know the difference is only about .030 between the two patterns. I have Willwood disc brakes all the way around on my 67 Nova and I did have some 5 X 120 rollers on there to just move the car around while were building it but I wont tighten up the lug nuts because Willwood said it may fit but its not correct and It'll bend my studs.
Thanks Guys
Yes, my wheels came off of a 2017 Camaro
The Caprice and Camaro bolt pattern is 120 mm = 4.72440945
I have seen people bolt on 4.75 bolt pattern wheels on Camaros