Specs to widen PPV rear wheels to?

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Specs to widen PPV rear wheels to?

Post by cabledawg » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:54 pm

If you were going to have your rear PPV wheels widened for maximum tire-what dimensions would you use?

Lets keep the offset the same and just look at adding steel to the inside and outside- where
would you add it? 0.75" on both sides for 1.5" total? 1" on both sides for +2" total?

I understand offset changes with hoop size, but to keep it simple lets just talk front side vs back side increase in inches.

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Re: Specs to widen PPV rear wheels to?

Post by Capeasy » Fri May 01, 2020 8:21 pm

I know this was an earlier post that probably didn't get alot of traction lol. But here's my 2 cents. I'm in the middle of getting my steelies widened just as soon as I can smoke what little tread I have left on the Goodyears that these spare wheels have left on them.
I spent a couple hrs. Under the car measuring and anticipating suspension fluctuations and without altering the lower rear control arm I'm going for an 1-1/2" wider on the inside and 1/2" on the outside, probably after I roll the lip of the sheet metal for a total of 10" wide. I could have gone a 1/2" wider on the inside but we have that darn bump out on the frame next to the upper shock mount. And then different tire manufacturers tires vary aswell. I removed a couple of the stock 235/50/18s and pur on some Chinese 255/40/18s on the rear for drifting and they are actually a 1/2" narrower than our 235s. Go figure.
So good luck, and please reply with what worked for you. :geek:
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Re: Specs to widen PPV rear wheels to?

Post by Hesher » Sun Mar 07, 2021 2:22 am

Did either of y'all end up widening wheels? Super curious about this...
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