New wheels - 17" rear 18" front

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Re: New wheels - 17" rear 18" front

Post by elc32955 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:42 am

Hi folks.

I've been "copying the mail" on this thread, and putting my system manager hat on I'd like to counsel everyone that this forum is NOT a place for provoking behavior and personal attacks. We are car owners & enthusiasts, this is a place to share knowledge and receive inspiration from other owners. Whether someone's installation is correct, incorrect, or totally off the wall - for what it's worth it is their installation, all flaws & imperfections notwithstanding. Advise, opinions, tech information and assistance can be offered, but it doesn't necessarily have to be taken. Now conversely; advise, opinions, tech information and assistance can be solicited, but there is no guarantee it will receive a response.

We can comment, we can Monday morning quarterback all we want, we can offer technical advice and accumulated knowledge based on experience, all on a friendly basis, but at the end of the day there is not a justifiable excuse in my book for some of what I've read in this thread. Continue it as you wish outside of this system, but consider our forum the DMZ. We can either voluntarily get along, or I will "assist" with preserving community harmony as appropriate.

For the good of the plantation I'm now closing this thread to further posts. Carry on!

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