2014 Front struts

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2014 Front struts

Post by iefbr14 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:19 pm

Would anyone know why front struts for 2014-2017 PPV and 2014-2015 SS are different part numbers?
Or why SS struts changed starting in 2016 to yet another set of numbers?

SS: 506-1053, 506-1054 (2014-2015)
PPV: 506-1059, 506-1060 (2014-2017)

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Re: 2014 Front struts

Post by s/c'd cav » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:23 pm

15-17 SS are magnetic ride

14 SS is a performance car , vs the PPV being a HD suspension

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Re: 2014 Front struts

Post by Navy Lifer » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:26 pm

2014 SS struts are unique for that model/year. They are conventional low-pressure gas-charged design.

2015-2017 SS struts are MRC - electronic shocks

2014-2017 PPV struts are conventional, but will not back-fit (directly) to 2011-2013 PPV.

Both (VF/SS & WN/2014-2017 PPV) shock (front strut) configurations have a wider clevis, where the strut body clamps the knuckle, compared to the WM/2011-2013 PPV.

The difference is that the WM/early PPV suspension consists of cast iron knuckle with a 1" clevis width, and the SS & WN/PPV used an aluminum knuckle with a clevis that is 34mm wide.

The listings you make reference to may be incorrect, since the 2015-2017 SS was only built with the MRC system--no option for a non-MRC system.

Compare prices and I think you'll note the MRC shocks are more expensive.

It's a somewhat interesting situation--not knowing what the valving characteristics are, the G8 community has been shifting to using PPV struts, whether they're Monroe "Severe Duty" or OEM replacements (also Monroe), it raises the question of whether the 2014 SS struts would offer a better option for "performance" on a PPV--the strut top bushing/bearing assembly is the same, and it should be a direct fit on 2014-2017 PPV. For an early PPV with the 1" clevis, it might be possible to fit the 2014 struts with the use of a fabricated spacer to make the strut "see" the knuckle as being the correct width. Whether they're any better than the PPV service replacements is the real question.

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