G8 Eibach Springs Installed!

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Re: G8 Eibach Springs Installed!

Post by smwalker » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:54 pm

No you did fine. Think the SS springs are a bit cheaper. Someone needs to do a chart but think you will get an extra 1/2 lowering with the Eibachs. And some folks like to stick with all GM parts in their cars. But you will like the eibachs. Post some pics one you get them installed!

Before (Factory ride height with 20 inch Rims):

Fronts Only

Fronts and Rears

Final Numbers show a drop of 1.25 inches in the front and 1.25 inches in the rear. Even Drop. Would have like the front to go a bit lower. But good ride and no scraping. I used FE2 Struts from the G8 . Those were the non sport ones so I was hoping for a more luxurious ride. Seems pretty nice so far.
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