Softest (least harsh) strut/shock, spring, tire setup?

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Re: Softest (least harsh) strut/shock, spring, tire setup?

Post by Navy Lifer » Sat May 07, 2022 2:53 am

Owning a 2011 (BL571728) now for nearly 10 years, since late 2012 - from "new" (23 miles on odometer, sold by Jim Ellis Chev as used), I endured the harshness early on.

My solution:

Replaced PPV springs with SS springs (in 2017)

Replaced struts/shocks with new OEM (Monroe AU sourced) parts (in 2017)

Adjusted tire pressures to 36 PSI - all corners (TPMS adjusted to 28-30 PSI avoids nuisance alarms with production setpoints)

Replaced OE rear bar with 15-17 SS (25mm) rear bar - requires bracket fab & rear lower control arm change & Brembo rear conversion - also added Camaro Z/28 toe link & trailing arm

From OEM wheels, went to 19x8.5 wheel & 255/40 tire on original suspension and even with 36 PSI in tires, ride was still not pleasant.

After change was made to SS springs & new struts, returned to 18x9 forged wheel & 255/45 tire, have been running this ever since.

Now have 100K+ on car, nearly 35K on this combination.

As far as need to change front bar, since it's not "easy" for the average DIY effort, adding the OE 14-17 (26mm) bar isn't absolutely necessary (or something larger from aftermarket) to counter any increase in rear bar stiffness. The car can stand the move toward more neutral balance by leaving the front bar alone with an increase at the rear, until the point is reached where handling limits are being pushed, or car is too tail-happy. Stabilitrak will limit that behavior more on early cars.

If a car is "lowered", or alignment isn't right, or chassis parts are worn/defective, much of the effectiveness of some of these changes will be blunted.

Running on larger 19" or 20" wheels & tires, with shorter tire sidewalls, will rarely be as comfortable as staying with 18's--it may not look as cool vs larger wheels, but with the miles on mine, it's been an very enjoyable ride since making the changes recited.

In the future, I may try a 26mm front OE bar and 27mm aftermarket rear bar combination.

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