Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

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Re: Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

Post by kevink » Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:20 pm

Your 11 has aluminum upper control arms?
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Re: Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

Post by s/c'd cav » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:52 pm

as far as i remember the 14 SS had the stamped steel uppers in the rear , and the 15-17 are aluminum

i dont remember if my 14 caprice has them or not

GM doesnt sell the stamped steel ones any longer , just the aluminum ones

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Re: Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

Post by enginelord » Sat Oct 26, 2019 3:40 am

I was wrong, had not looked yet, just assumed they were based a this pic I found of what I thought said '2011 Caprice PPV' rear cradle. This one's arms looks to be aluminum. All other rears like Camaro and G8 I've seen, were steel. So what rear end is this a pic of?
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Re: Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

Post by enginelord » Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:33 am

I only mentioned concern about differences in cradle set-up, wondering if there really is any advantage with the Camaro zl1 or just V8 cradle. That is, outside the obvious clearance benefit for the ZL1 carrier, I think the fab would not be that bad for me, (looks to me to be about rear upper, and maybe lower pumpkin/carrier clearance issue at the back of the cradle's frame. If you can build a frame, I think you can clearance that). I was comparing costs of complete cradle vs. just carrier. Not wanting any raise in height (1/2" up has been said due to mount bushing size) And worrying additional cradle would cost me a bit more. And It kinda does, but the cheaper of the 2 parts by far. But, I bought a complete ZL1 rear for what I think was a very good price. For Less than a lot of guys want for just the carrier. And it is a 3.27, which I believe is good, Like others have said 6l80/6l90 1st gear is sooo low, a 3.76 or more would want to shift out/rev to shift point within like 5 feet it seems to me? I think maybe for stock or close to stock cars, but for high HP cars I'm 'guessing 3.27 is a good choice. 3.45 max. Still maybe too much? But what do I know. Others it appears have had success with the big gears. (just my theory so far, with the input of reading forums like you guys). Hey, that's what the '13 CTS-V auto's had anyway, and that is where my motor trans came from. Again, not building a race car, a street monster. While cutting financial corners. Which is part of the reason for starting with a $5k PPV. And not using a ProCharger or Magnuson. Kinda pricey. Or the Fabbed 9" differential... 7k wow.. . My car will have cheater 275 street tires, probably never drag slicks. 10" cheaters hook pretty well at the track though. I'm hoping the ZL1 axles, LSD diff, cradle arms/wheel hop, etc. will hold 650 to 850hp.... I have not built a car in years, straight axle 4-link 9'' is the usual suspect. lol.

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Re: Zl1 rear diff or cradle in a ppv?

Post by CrashTestDummy » Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:14 pm

I may be wrong, but I think the big difference in cradles is in the bushings. Just go with poly, or aluminum bushings, and you are mostly there. The arms are easy, too, while the cradle is out. Aluminum uppers, and ZL1 lowers, and done.
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