cts-v OEM torque converter?

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Re: cts-v OEM torque converter?

Post by CrashTestDummy » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:31 pm

kevink wrote:
CrashTestDummy wrote:I'd love one in our Caprice, but am not yet willing to drop the transmission myself. We have a good transmission shop we have used for other cars, and may ask them what they'd charge to install one, so it's not completely out of the question.
The transmission is really easy to remove! I took mine out by myself with a floor jack and the car up on jackstands in a few hours. My heads were off, so I was able to get to the two top bellhousing bolts easily. That's the only thing you might struggle with a little, but I'm not even sure about that as I didn't try to get them out with the heads on.
Well, yeah, getting to the top bell housing bolts with the top of the engine removed is a non-issue. Trying that with the top end of the engine still there is a non-trivial activity. We've (my wife and I, she's a pretty good wrench-turner herself) done that multiple times on our 3rd and 4th Gen F-body cars, and frankly getting too old to do that for the fun of it. IFF the transmission was broken and needed work, I might pull it and take it to the shop, but my local transmission shop is really good, and I'd trust them to do great work, so I'd probably trailer the car to their shop.

Since they have the proper jacks, tools, and lifts, a converter change would probably be an afternoon job.
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