Split second power loss and THUD

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Split second power loss and THUD

Post by enroberts » Sun Jul 31, 2022 3:49 pm

Hoping someone else has had a similar issue. 2013 PPV 6.0. A few times about a mile from the start of my morning drive the car loses power for a split second, thuds, and shows a Stabilitrak error. No check engine light, only traction and Stabilitrak. I stopped and scanned it and come up with U2100-00 (CAN Bus communication) and P0335 (Crankshaft Position Sensor). The first time it happened I cleared codes and restarted the car (hard start from what I assume is the CPS going bad). This morning, the same thing happened. Cleared codes again and they came back after another drive, along with a misfire (P0300) and CEL popped up then went away. The car cranks long and starts but no misfire now. I have a new crankshaft position sensor to throw in but wanted to see if you guys had any other thoughts. Thanks!

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Re: Split second power loss and THUD

Post by Sanford » Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:07 pm

Haven’t looked at any of mine, but some folks have had trouble with the sensor wiring getting baked from the heat from the exhaust, which causes the insulation to fall apart. That in turn allows the wires to short out. May want to jack it up and take a look.

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