Now THIS is something interesting!

Tech discussions on the 3.6L V6 motor (LFX) used in the 2012 & up Caprice.
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Now THIS is something interesting!

Post by elc32955 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 5:04 am

Well now... I was browsing the EBAY Australia site and what did I stumble across..... a 6-speed for VE and possibly VF LFX engine cars! Manual conversion anyone? ... SwpLNX~uie

Very interesting... I wasn't aware that there was a 6-speed variant down under for the V6 cars. Looks like the seller has a number of these. $550 Australian dollars each. No clutch hardware, that would have to be sourced as well, plus the engine calibration would have to probably be hand-written. Maybe a variant of the 15-17 SS code as starters?

Thought this would stimulate some discussion.....

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