P2135 and Reduced Engine Power

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Re: P2135 and Reduced Engine Power

Post by rcodea1 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:39 pm

so last night i changed three things and did a 'write entire' using HPTuners:
1)started from an original file and made a copy of the working 39...all the to eliminate the chance of a corrupt cal.
2) going off the idea that the MAF fail process i was doing may not be working, i refailed all the MAF settings, so the DTC p0102 is now current, not just permanent
3) upped the 'virtual torque' tables too by 30%.

I am not sure which of the three changes worked, but tonight i was able to drive around AND stab without causing REP.

I think the MAF fail is the most likely cause of my issues, which makes since. With it not being a current code, i think the ECU was continuing to look for a MAF signal, particularly when in transition.

so, i am back up and running! Thanks to all for the assistance!
Charleston, SC

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