Curb Weight

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Curb Weight

Post by JustDreamin » Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:38 pm

I've got a 2011 Caprice 9C3 with a few mods, and I happened to take it across a truck scale recently. Figured I'd report the results.

Mods: G8 front and rear leather seats, 2nd battery deleted, Curt 1.25" trailer hitch, G8 spoiler, factory size tires on aluminum Holden wheels (all 5, including spare).

Other details: 3/8 tank of fuel, maybe 10# of misc stuff in the trunk. Scale shows weight in 20# increments. Scale seems fairly accurate, but I don't think it has a current calibration. When I stepped off the scale, weight went down by the appropriate amount.

Front axle: 2,120 #
Rear axle: 2,040 #

Total weight (without driver): 4,160#

All up, less than I thought is was going to be, but more than a new Mustang.


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Re: Curb Weight

Post by Silversled » Thu Oct 27, 2016 1:39 am

The PPV feels heavier than it is because the tune is so restricted by Torque Management. Just removing the effects of TM and DOD without even touching the stock fuel and spark maps wakes the car up! Even then, it needs more power but what doesn't?
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